15 May 2007

August, A Review

I'm on a roll. I haven't been to a bad restaurant in awhile (except Cafeteria in NYC--but that was quickly canceled out by the next stop--Rosa Mexicana--more on that later).

This restaurant was recommended by my friend Chris who was a chef in the city. Okay, I must clarify. I use the word "friend" with people I like, sometimes I jump the gun. He is a friend of a friend. But that's a mouthfull. Anyway, this post isn't about me (they all are) it's about the food (that I ate).

On my last day in NYC I visited my favorite part, the West Village. I don't know why it took me until then, but I was busy hanging out on 5th Ave (read: shopping). I came to find the restaurant, August and grab a bite to eat before the driver took me away from NYC kicking and screaming.

I found it. It was closed until noon--but I was STARVING. So I went to another restaurant, St. Ambroeus. I walked in and asked for a table for one. The server headed off to fetch me a table (the restaurant was half full) and NEVER CAME BACK. So I sent someone else off. THEY NEVER CAME BACK. So I left. When I got back to August they were open.

I did the LA thing and sat at a table in the middle and talked on my phone for the first ten minutes. But they didn't bat an eye. The very nice server brought me a fabulous glass of wine and I ordered the hamburger.

Soon an older couple, I would learn they were from Texas, walked in and sat near me. Not sitting near someone in this tiny restaurant is difficult--it is small and romantic. We all chatted about food and suddenly another diner came in--to fill the place. A very pretty little baby looked up at me with huge eyes, and I followed her gaze up to the pusher of the buggy and it was my friend's family! New York is small this way. I ran into people all over the place. I love that about the city.

My food came, and I dug in. I was sure my request for "medium rare" would become something closer to "meduim well"...but it was perfectly cooked! Maybe that seems simple to you--but too often focus is on flavor and not how well the product is cooked. This had both. I know it was a simple burger--but the best burger I've had. If I were to open a restaurant it would be like this tiny little place; filled with warmth and chatter and everyone feels at home.


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