26 April 2007

Pinkberry: The Scoop

I know, that was a hideous pun of a heading, but you'll have to deal since it leads you to THE REAL TRUTH ABT: PINKBERRY YOGHURT <--(much more fun spelling than the American way). I hereby allow you access to nutrition info and secret tips! Ooh-wee!

[Intro: Everyone in L.A. knows that Pinkberry's spreading like herpes around these parts, and though I'm usually not a huge fro-yo fan--if you want ice cream, for god's sake eat ice cream--a reputable source told me it was "my kind of thing." So the other day I was heading back from the accountant's office for the store where I work, which entails a harrowing drive all the way down Highland from Burbank, and when I finally hit Melrose I spied a Pinkberry. I was starving from my strenuous drive, so I pulled a quick U (my signature move) and got in the queue. How impressive is it that I know how to spell "queue," by the way? I totally got it right the first time. Damn. OK SO SO SO I got my yoghurt; 'twas a plain flavor with blueberries; I adored it; 'twas v. sour and delectable and fantastic; yes, a small size is more than enough; yes, fruit is fresh and marvy, etc.]
-->Nutrition Facts--> While there is much myth and legend surrounding Pinkberry's health benefits and calorie count*, the plain facts are:
-The yoghurt has 25 calories per ounce.
-A small serving is 5 oz; a medium is 8 oz. For those who failed fifth-grade math, a small has 125 calories and a medium has 200 cal. Obviously, add on whatever berries/cereal/junk you put on top.
*Take, for example, the theme song that plays on the PB website: "..I don't feel like I'm cheatin'/ when I'm eatin' it...it's like a dream/Take that, ice cream...." Whatevs, you ARE cheating when you're eating it...cheating on your true love, ice cream.
--> Speaking Of Toppings!--> According to denizens of P-Ber (like Restaurant Girl, who details her fave combinations), in addition to the normal toppings, you can get MOCHI on your yoghurt! She even goes all hedonist and orders extra mochi without even using yoghurt as an excuse for them! What lines we can cross here! What boxes outside of which we may live!

--> L.A. Locales--> Koreatown, Larchmont, Bev Hills somewheres, Los Feliz, Melrose, Studio City, WeHo, West Olympic, & Westwood. Otherwise, you kin git yer fix at 3 shops in New Yawk Sittee. Speaking of sittees, remember that Harvey Danger song, "Flagpole Sitta?" Anyone know what in tarnation a sitta is? Gangsta talk for "sitter?" Why would you need a sitter for a flagpole? They're so well-behaved.

HAHAHA FROGHURT! I want to be in a froghurt frenzy.

> r r <

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