15 November 2006

Another Good Reason to Get Out Of Bed

My favorite breakfast:

Poached Egg on a bed of Sautéed Spinach with Toast and St Andre Cheese

I found a fool proof way to poach an egg.

The end.

Just kidding.

You really want to know?


Fine then.


Oh you want me to tell you.

Sheesh--do I have to do everything?

  • Bring a covered stockpot of salted water to a boil
  • Crack the egg into a small bowl
  • Once the water is at a rolling boil, pour the egg into the water and cover
  • The water will try to boil over—let it come right to the top of the lid
  • Uncover and let cook to your desired consistency
  • Take egg out and put on a towel to dry

You’ll find a nice little plump egg has come out of the water—the high boil knocks off the “thready” things that form on the egg when you put it in the water.

This was found purely accidental. I was “rehearsing” for a job—and the chef asked me to poach an egg. I was panicked. I haven’t poached an egg in years! In culinary school we had a week of eggs—all eggs. But we had one lesson on poaching! The instructor was so precise that I was afraid without all of the “rules”—deep pot, fresh eggs, vinegar in the water, “make a water hurricane”—that it wouldn’t work.

Well it did. And I got the job. And I get a great breakfast every morning.

Full Fat:

  • Start water for Egg
  • Mince Garlic
  • Place in a cold pan with Olive Oil on the stove (do not turn heat on)
  • Toast the Bread (I like French Bread)
  • Smear with St Andre Cheese as you would with Butter
  • Warm pan with Garlic (low heat)
  • Poach Egg
  • Bring Garlic up to a medium heat and put Spinach in
  • Cook for a minute or so
  • Plate in this order:
    Toast, Spinach, Egg and top with freshly cracked Pepper

    Lower Fat:
  • Do the same as above, but skip the Bread

  • Crush toasted Pine Nuts for garnish
  • Add Bacon to the mix
  • Place on a Crab Cake and make a spicy Aioli

Serve with some freshly squeezed Orange Juice and you can live the high life like me!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a good method, also try putting a dash of lemon juice once water boils, then take a spoon and swirl frantically, then drop the egg into the vortex, will create the fluff effect (i read this in the french laundry book and it brought me up a notch in the poached egg department) peace out

19 November, 2006 09:29  

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