09 November 2006

Girliest Post Ever.

I had a grand night at the Paper magazine party in Echo Park and afterwards, and I have two new friends to thank for it. I was dancing, vintage Gucci bag and free cocktail in hand, for the whole DJ set...and I could never have done it without them: mister and miss left and right shoe. At first I hesitated at the thought of buying Aerosoles heels. I mean, really--don't they automatically come with a senior citizens' discount. But they're so cute--high and round-toed with patent edging--and held the tantalizing promise of even being wearable. And boy howdy, are they ever. Rubber insert things in the soles, magically comfortable insides, high heels that feel low--old lady shoes, I love you. I've beat the fashion system (generally phrased as "beauty is pain, princess--anybody who says otherwise is selling something" [--princess bride, duh]). No way can Manolos compete with these.



Blogger Dieu said...

yes, those shoes, that cockati, that mint water? it was quite the night.

12 November, 2006 19:09  

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