21 May 2007


Champagne has added sugar?

I have done a lot of research on Champagne (particularly tasting research) and I've never known that sugar is added right before bottling.

This Champagne doesnt.

Ayala owned by Bollinger, is placing a sparkling rose on the market that does not have the added sugar known as "dosage"; the equivalent of three level tablespoons of liquid sugar. It is used to balance flavor, but Ayala has found a way around it.

Ayala claims that the dosage is not necessary if the fruit is perfectly ripe.

The difference? An average bottle with the dosage is 534 calories with the new wine coming in around 390 calories.

This means one thing to me; I can drink ONE more glass. Any opportunity to drink one more, is alright by me.

Ayala Cuvée Rosé Nature

Read the whole article here.

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