28 June 2007

Mrs. Jagger in London

No sooner do I read in InStyle about how white wedding suits a la Bianca Jagger's are again in vogue (she wore the iconic one, a supremely low-cut jacket and trousers, with a fabulous white hat) do I receive an invitation to join her for dinner. No matter why--let's just say that while she may once have been known for this:

and for looking like this:

and for causing people to say things like "Remember the night Bianca Jagger rode into Studio 54 on a white horse?"...
she's now quite the international human rights activist and political figure. I tried to talk fashion with her for a moment, and she quickly steered the conversation back to Nicaraguan government. As she should--that's clearly the more pressing topic, and I'm really in awe of the woman now for refusing to sit back on her popstar laurels and instead really making a second career about something other than herself.
Also, I'd be amiss in leaving out the restaurant. Even trusty Toscana, Italian landmark of Brentwood, doesn't turn out delicacies like the shoestring zucchini fries we started with at this place (Sandalini or something--I'll have to fact-check that one), the cheese-filled zucchini blossoms, handmade pasta, and the startling fruits scooped out and filled with gorgeous sorbets at the end. They say the Brits aren't really foodies, but the past few days here have proven more than otherwise.
In the immortal words of middle-schoolers, TTFN...I've got to pack for Paris.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wait...what are people saying?


I'm daft.

30 June, 2007 17:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops...it should say 'remember when Bianca Jagger rode into Studio 54 on a white horse?'


01 July, 2007 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The restaurant is named Santini.

26 July, 2007 21:26  

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