15 June 2007

Buy Stuff, Cheap!

I have more of note to write about when I have the chance, but for now, I'll just highlight today's retail musts:
Sale at Opening Ceremony!!! This is absolutely the most happenin' L.A. shop and I'm scheming in all kinds of ways to sneak out and hit the sale today. It goes all weekend, but I don't want to wait. I'm interested to see their pieces from the Kate Moss for Topshop collection, which has gotten insane hype but, in my opinion, ain't nothing to write home about. Kate looks hot wearing it, but she'd still look hot in mom jeans and a big Hard Rock Cafe Cancun tee. The clothes themselves are, as one NYT writer said, simply copies of pieces in her closet. I did read an article that chronicled her designing the line, and it did seem that she truly designed them carefully. So perhaps they do fit well and are nicely cut. But they're still crappy little shiny dresses and stripy pants. A girl who works with me used to work at Barney's, and when they got the line in, there was a queue around the block. Everything was gone within 2 hours. One woman--get this--even FLEW TO L.A. FROM LONDON to get the pieces she wanted, because they were sold out all over the U.K. All this, for a line that my coworker reports is stuff that you'd expect to see at H&M. Trendy, sparkly, but nowhere near couture. Yet, somehow, Kate Moss as a brand name is so powerful that the line not only generated hype, but enough actual public desire that individual items priced at US $300 (after import markups) sell out in minutes, despite a lack of actual quality or subtlety.
In any case, for actual posh designer goods, check out Satine's giant 50% off sale online. Cheap Mondays are on sale for $32! Insane (in the membrane) (insane in the brain).

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Blogger foodette said...

There's also a sale at Ron Herman in Brentwood - 50% off all weekend. Started yesterday, though, so I bet most of the good stuff's gone already.

15 June, 2007 14:38  

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