09 March 2007

Cheap, um, Friday*

*Note: I am NOT lame and staying home on a Friday night. no no no, i mean i am at home, but i was with a friend until a minute ago and we were drinking lots of alcohol, which is inherently not lame, all right? an d i'm about to go out to el cid for a party SO THERE and justbecause i am making typos does not mean i m drunk. wait yes it does. anyway, onto the post i started yesterday:

Back in January, I admitted that my resolution to be buying-free all month had failed during the home stretch, thanks to a sale too ridiculous to resist. I haven't kept my promise to report on my subsequent February failures (but, to be fair, it's because I actually didn't buy anything in February. Blame the short month--probably with an extra 2 days, I would have.), so I'll extend the promise to March and crow about my latest coup:
I've been hearing about Cheap Monday jeans for a while now, and all rumors have been good ones: they're from Sweden, they're super chic and skinny minny, and their defining feature is the lack of a $200 price tag. Sweden is basically the best country going (universal health care, great public education, fantastic ginger cookies, everyone's HOT) and provides the rest of the world with pretty great exports (Peter Bjorn & John, all those other neat bands, oh and let's not forget Abba, Swedish fish, vodka, ME). The list now includes hip jeans at real-person prices ($50 - $70). I managed to secure myself a pair (thank god they come in a 34" inseam!) and oh gosh, they're lovely. Like tights, but jeans. Like jeans, but tights. I got them from my place of employment, and I made the other girls assure me that I didn't look like a child-bearing whale. And with said assurances, however true or not they may be, I'm now informing the world exactlly how my legs are shaped. It's funny, I was talking to my mother on the phone (an at-least every-other-day event) and realizing that I can chronicle my jeans purchases by their narrowness. I.e. the less skintight the jean, the older the pair. I remember when I bought a pair of slim-cut Gap jeans in, oh, late 2000, and they were my big concession to the burgeoning slim jean trend. Now. those Gap jeans are my baggy go-to-the-supermarket pair. As time goes on, I keep deciding that I still don't have a pair skinny enough. Now the skinny jean chronicle must be over, though; if they got narrower than Cheap Mondays, I'd be constricting blood flow. But they're not tight-feeling; they're stretchy and soft and comfy and marvy. I love Swedes. Not a little because of this quote from the head honcho of the Church of Sweden:
"It is abundantly clear that this designer wants to create public opinion against the Christian faith." Love it.

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