21 May 2007

NYT Agrees With 5%C

If the New York Times Style section says it, it must be true. Therefore, their agreeing with my recent assessment of Diet Coke Plus means that I AM RIGHT, and boy howdy, do I ever like being right. Just so you can see how the NYT is totally mackin' on my style via interviews with actual people:

Anne Slowey, an editor at Elle, still recalls the best [Diet Coke] she ever
had, near the Great Wall of China. “If I want the Diet Coke of my dreams, I have
to go to Beijing,” she told me. But Diet Coke Plus? It rubs her the wrong way,
as it does many. “I just don’t want someone mixing vitamins in with my vice,”
she said. Especially if you can taste them. The other day, Ira [the
author's husband] popped open his first can of the stuff. Ptooey. “I don’t
care for the aftertaste,” he said. “It’s like having a sweater on my tongue.”
With that he ceremoniously poured it down the drain.

Take THAT, health.

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