08 July 2007

Meme, Meme, Meme...

We were tagged. THIS apparently is a good thing. We are not rude at 5%Celery, in fact we are quite generous--but this was a little bit difficult to bring ourselves to participate in. I mean, we love the free advertisement it brought (thanks Foodette!) and it's not like we don't like talking about ourselves. So we decided to participate like the gracious hosts we are. So with no further ado, the seven things we most would like you to know are:

1) .:tt:. was scolded as a child for being too thin. It was proposed that she was anorexic. She finally confessed one day it is because her mother was a bad cook. It turns out a lot of chefs learned to cook because their mothers couldn't.

2) >rr< has a serious case of chef wannabe-ism. She devours (ha, ha) all those chef-memoir-&-recipe books (see: Ruth Reichl, Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, et al), keeps mental to-do lists composed entirely of restaurants to go to, and feels like a bad person because she only actually cooks a few days a week. However, while >rr< is only a wannabe in the food department (perhaps because her mother and stepmother are actually quite talented cooks), .:tt:. is not only a real chef but also a total pro when it comes to looking permanently stylin'.

3) .:tt:. is (usually) single (depends on who's asking) and >rr< is not, and can barely remember having ever been.

4) >rr< got her start in fashion by cutting up thrift-store tee shirts, reconstructing them and selling them on the internet. True story.

5) 5% Celery really did start over several margaritas and a lively conversation with friends about how the world needs less celery...it's true. And yes, our conversations are ALWAYS that deep.

6) If on a deserted island .:tt:. would take: Her computer (with a wireless connection, bien sur), a Brent Black Panama hat, Eric Ripert's cookbook, A Return to Cooking and Ryan Gosling.

7) >rr< would bring the entire Marni collection, Neutrogena Sheer Mist sunscreen for her blindingly pale skin, and a copy of Infinite Jest (no, not because it sounds clever, but because it's really good and really, really long--by the time she was done, she could start it all over again and have forgotten the beginning). She'd also steal .:tt:.'s internet connection to read Go Fug Yourself daily. And she wouldn't need food...that's what her co-blogger is for.

Now, we would like to tag the following bloggers:

Ana Calderon of Ana Says these Things
Leah and Zulu of The Charming Life of Zulu
Pomotrash of Black Candy Modernism
k.cooper-kordylewski of Hoping For Happy Accidents
jt and cn of Violations Bureau
Sam and Fred of Becks and Posh Nosh
Perez at Perez Hilton

Apparently the rules are to let the person that has been tagged know it. Okay...we will.

.:tt:. and >rr<



Blogger foodette said...

Hey, glad you both participated. I know, these memes get so darn tired, don't they? But, they're fun...what can you do?

10 July, 2007 17:09  
Blogger leah and zulu said...

what do I do? 7 things about myself and 7 tags? What if I don't have 7 friends?

11 July, 2007 08:32  

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