22 November 2007

Ain't No Celery at the 5%C Thanksgiving Table

So, inspired by fabulous blogs like LAist, I'm making a list of things I'm thankful for at this very moment. I don't know why anyone cares about this type of thing, since what I'm thankful for very likely has nothing to do with you, but everyone else is doing it (even Perez, in his way), so it must be cool (right?). I will even try to make it relevant to 5%C by including fabulous foods and fashions. Not difficult. OKAY.

RR is all like "THANKS" about some stuff including these things:

  • Schizophrenic fall weather that lets you wear little skirts or big sweaters
  • The advent of holiday baking season!
  • Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown L.A. with all the old people and the weird forest dioramas
  • Beautiful old postcards
  • LOLcats
  • These Prada shoes
  • My new job
  • Our cat learning to use his scratching post
  • Mezzanine Owls' upcoming record
  • Project Runway
  • Persimmons
  • Gloves with fur trim
  • Animals with fur trim
  • Babies dressed like animals
  • Not having any babies
  • Wooly tights (Hue and DKNY make great ones for stingy girls like me)
  • Establishments that let me stay stingy: The 99 Cents Only store, taco stands, Thank You Mart
  • All the new movies I actually want to see
  • The fabulous Louise Brooks
  • The fact that I didn't succumb to the iPhone craze, since now there's a Google phone in development
  • And...I am thankful for today's being notably full of food, as I am currently starrrrving.
On that note, I'm audi (oh, & of course I am thankful, as always, for Clueless).

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Blogger Baby Jess said...

Where are you working now? And congrats!!

25 November, 2007 00:23  

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