17 September 2007

It Was Inevitable: Designer Yogurt

I've had a little yogurt lid tacked up on my fridge all summer that came from a yogurt I got at Harrod's in London. Not only is it called Rachel's, but the full title is "Rachel's Low Fat Natural Bio-Live Yogurt, 450g." I'm a big fan of plain low-fat yogurt (all of the above are essential: full-fat is gluey, fat-free is watery, and sugared or fake-sugared is just nasty). I'm also a big fan of the metric system (I STILL don't know how many damn pints are in a quart). Obviously, this yogurt lid is a pretty good summation of my character. But I thought it was a U.K.-only thing (those Europeans really have their mini yogurts down. I'm so jealous.), until I got a message informing me that Rachel's is not only available at my local health food store (supposedly) but also now has new trendalicious flavors:

Anyone remember my big essay on trendy beverages? Well, it looks like yogurt can now be your new portable status symbol. The proof is in the magical ingredients that are mandatory for check-me-and-my-glowing-health-out snack bling--in this case, not only tired buzzwords like green tea and chai, but woah-nelly POMEGRANATE ACAI. You know that's destined for Jessica Alba's trendsetting little paws. And if you read the fine print, this yogurt has all kinds of organisms and whatnot that will keep you forever young and also end global warming and probably get rid of herpes while it's at it. Hot damn. Get thee to thy Whole Foods, early adopters, since your iPhones have lost their cache!

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Blogger Erin said...

This made me tee-hee out loud. Wouldn't we all love a herpes-ridding yogurt.

19 September, 2007 13:21  

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