16 October 2006

Date Night #2

Okay, so I had a date (well, sort of) with my friend Bill and his two houseguests, affectionately known as “The Swedes”. The truth is that one is Norwegian and the other is Swedish—but that’s a mouthful—so we stick to our very American way of speaking and we disregard the importance of the facts and regard the importance of time and thus I continue to call them, “The Swedes”.

So because I had a date with three men, I was too busy getting my hair done to write date night menu on Friday. Well, I doubt there was much loss of sleep out there amongst the twelve of you reading this—and if there was, I apologize and I will personally come to your house and cook you date night dinner to make up for it. The thing is that I was able to pick up a couple of extra recipes for this week’s date night. So there--I was doing RESEARCH. Yeah…that’s right. Research.

South East Asian Beef Salad and Trader Joes Molten Chocolate Cakes with Cardamom Chantilly

• Marinate Flank Steak in a mixture of Sambal Red Chili Sauce,
Lime Juice, Garlic, Brown Sugar and Salt and Pepper—let marinate for half an
hour at room temperature.
• Make quick pickles of any various vegetables (I like to use; radishes,
red onion, carrots and cauliflower) by heating a bowl of the veggies in homemade pickling juice (red wine vinegar, sugar, pickling spice). Once the veggies have adopted the vinegar flavor—place bowl in refrigerator to chill.
• Make salad dressing with Lime Juice, chopped
Shallots, Greek Yogurt, Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper. Blend well.
• Take Beef out of marinade, sprinkle with Sesame Seeds and grill
• Cut Beef into strips and let cool slightly
• Toss Greens with Dressing and Pickles and Beef and serve
• Follow directions for Molten Chocolate Cake
• Whip Cream with a little Sugar and ground Cardamom and serve.
• Rub whipped cream on your date and serve.




Anonymous Jason Roberts said...

I'm reading and enjoying your blog.

16 October, 2006 13:50  

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