12 October 2006

The Interview, Part I

I’ve learned that a blog isn’t a real blog until it has at least one interview posted. In order to keep up with the Jones's and do some cookbook name dropping (Amy Sedairs’s book I Like You), I’ve (Tehra Tehrason) decided to use these questions to interview a real life chef. The gracious, Tehra Thorp (or me), has agreed to answer my questions as I (Tehra) sit down with her (me) over a cup of tea (vodka).

Q: I’d like to set the tone a bit before I break into the real meat of the matter (so to speak); why did you become a chef?

A: The answer I give everyone is that my mother couldn’t cook—but I didn’t learn to cook until long after, I think I became a chef out of desperation. I was hungry—in more ways than one.

Q: What is the best thing about being a chef?

A: Impressing the boys.

Q: The next series of questions come from Amy Sedaris in her new book, “I like you” available at The Cooks Library in Los Angeles:

• “Does the sun make noise?”
• “Do you tip a cobbler?”
• “How do you teach hope?”

A: Yes, the sun makes noise. Yes, tip the cobbler but only at Christmas. And finally, Hope is not something you can teach. It’s something you buy, “hope in a jar” I think it's called. So go out and get yours today.

Q: Wow, you really know a lot Tehra (me). This is turning out to be a terrific interview.

A: Thanks. You’re a pretty good interviewer Tehra (me).

Q: This next series of questions come from some dude, named Proust. He asks the tough questions, hard hitting journalism.

• What do you consider the depths of despair?
• Your favorite occupation?
• Who would you have liked to be?
• Do you know how to do the funky chicken?

I think that last one…well, maybe it…not sure. I think maybe that last question is from Amy Sedaris. We’ll leave it in for arguments sake.

A: The depths of despair happen when I finish a book and have nothing on the night table to read. My favorite occupation is sitting and talking about how great of a chef I am. I would have liked to be Mrs. Clause; she married well. I do know how to do the funky chicken and many other dance moves that involve food; i.e. “fry like bacon”.

Q: Red or White?

A: Pink

Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?

A: Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

Q: Still or bubbly?

A: Since when is champagne still?

Q: Here is your soapbox. Tell me (Tehra) what are your (my) food related pet peeves?

A: I HATE it when people use utensils improperly. (I also hate it when people use adverbs wrong too). I like my red a little cold and my white room temperature. Flavors are best tasted at room temperature. Show me a person that likes lukewarm food and I’ll show you a real gourmand.

Stay tuned, next week an interview with the other co-founder, the beautiful and tres fashionable Rachel Racherson will answer some tough questions that she will ask herself.

Amy Sedairs’s book, I Like You is available at The Cook's Library. Please call the helpful folks Alan, Tim, Amy or CP and they will be sure to show you this book and several others that will drain your wallet and keep you from making rent.


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