26 October 2006

Two Restaurant Reviews, Franky Two Stars, Two Days

What with the Rachel Ray rant, the self-boosting, ego-centric interview, and a prediction of the winner of Top Chef—this blog has it all! But does it really? What this blog is missing are some very mouthy, very unforgiving reviews of some restaurants.

As my job situation turned out to be less-than-expected, my friends came to my rescue and took me out for drinks, dinner and brunch. They did this over a matter of days—bless them. My good friend Bill took me for brunch on Sunday. I love going to eat with Bill, because he allows for my pretentious attitude at the dining table. So the games commence at BLD, Neil Frasier’s new restaurant at 1.30 pm on Sunday.

BLD stands for “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner”—but I would recommend “Brunch”—this kills two birds with one stone. And while we are speaking of stone, what is with the nature theme that seems to be taking over LA? I mean is it really necessary to pile a stack of rocks and call it “design”—what does that accomplish? The minimalist theme with the rocks and the sticks has to go—it’s just weird.

Since I recommend brunch the “B” and the “L” are accounted for—but what about that pesky “D”? I recommend doing what Bill and I did; sit at your table long enough that you have sat through all three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By the time you leave your post at your
Chilewic table setting, the sun should be setting over the Pacific.

We started with a glass of wine each. I had a prosecco that had been corked the night before and he had a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. I considered sending mine back, but thought better of it as I had consumed half of the glass by the time I figured out the wine was bad. So rather than giving them a chance to correct their mistake, I sat and bitched about the flat prosecco that I was choking down.

Next we moved onto the charcuterie and cheese platter. We ordered jamon and a nice “buttermilk” blue from Spain. The platter was magnificient. The bread was warm, the cheese, buttery, and the almonds nicely seasoned—and all for the measly cost of $12.00. You can’t buy that cheese at the Beverly Hills Cheese Store for much less than that!

We ordered a bottle of water that probably cost $10.00 but it was nice to have French tap water cleansing my palate as opposed to the LA river water that flows from our faucets. The nice thing about ordering a bottle of water is that the hosts and waitress always seem to notice when your glass needs to be refilled. So $10.00 a bottle also seems to get one better service.

Speaking of service, I thought our waitress was cool. After assessing the situation, Bill and I decided that ours was definitely the best. She was a little bit of a hipster, but a professional. And I learned that some people DO look good with green hair.

Our hostess was also charming in her Spring 2005 Low-Rider jeans and her Havanias. She was fresh off of the truck and called us “y’all”.

Next we ordered the main course. I ordered the French Toast with Cowgirl Creamery Crème Fraiche. Bill ordered the Eggs with Luomo and Chorizo. Both were simple, but fantastic meals.

After the main course we both had a coffee; Bill an espresso and I a French press. On a whole the meal was fantastic.

★ ★ & 1/2

The next meal was the next night. My friend Jamie invited me to a screening of “Marie Antoinette” at Sony and so I attended as the third wheel (always). We were starved after, it’s a long movie. We decided to go for Mexican—I suggested El Conquistador but Jamie thought I should experience the art of the flaming Margarita at El Compadre. We drove in tandem, parked on some crazy side streets in the dirty neighborhoods of Hollywood and took a booth in the corner. Sure enough, our ‘ritas came on fire. Chris ordered his blended (girl) but Jamie and I took it like men and had it “on the rocks, salt please.” We ordered the chicken mole enchiladas and one more drink each and ate hungrily. Our service sucked, our food was mediocre—but the drinks were good and on fire!

Overall it was a fine experience, but the food and service were lacking.

★ ÷ 2

All reviews are out of a possible 4 stars.




Blogger violations bureau said...

maybe the blended margaritas are girly after all. i should have ordered a hpnotic or midori on the rocks.

if there's a 3rd wheel, does it matter which two people constitute the 1st and 2nd wheels? cause i would prefer to be the 1st wheel.

but then since jamie's nickname is apparently "THE Wheel," we both could have been 3rds.


27 October, 2006 10:31  

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