24 October 2006

Reality Bites

Pros of reality TV:
I got so excited when Nick, ex-Project-Runway-contestant-slash-gayster-extraordinaire liked my heart dress sketch. More excited than I would have if I hadn't been cooing over him with all my P.R.-viewing cohort for the past however many months. Seriously though--he was all, "You know, Rachel, now you're going to have to keep it up and give me something just as cute every week now." Blush! Twinkle! Okay Mr. Nick!
Cons of reality TV:
Having to spend the first have of aforementioned Nick's sketching class today setting up big lights, microphones, etc. for the video cameras from "The Hills" and then literally repeating what we did last week for the benefit of the cameras. So much for reality. They surely won't even use it--do "Hills" viewers care a whit about how to draw a proportional croquis? No, all they want is Nick bending over LC's homework reminding her to draw the backs of the necklines. If they get any footage actually worth watching, I can only imagine it'll be of Nick saying fabulous things, not of LC just sitting at her table. All of us are quiet so that we won't get filmed. Am seriously hoping that I never make an appearance on that show--it's now less a curiosity and more a pain in the ass. Mercy, I just have such antagonistic sentiments toward MTV now.
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