21 January 2007

Sunday Book-Larnin'

You know Babyshambles? That shambles of a band with Pete Dougherty as its lead singer, the one who looks not badass but simply like he'd smell real bad if you got too close? [Who also, I learned recently, is a huge soccer nut and used to run a team fansite? Ahahaha. Imagine straggly-haired Petey, sitting at his laptop with a used syringe dangling from his arm, furiously typing heartfelt rants about the virtues of his chosen team and the genius plays they'd used in their last match.] The one who only makes Kate Moss look even more radiant and insanely cool in comparison to him? Right, that Babyshambles:

I thought the name was just some weird amalgam of words hoping to imply shattered youth or, like, rebellious children (as if the photo didn't do the job). Not. I was lying in bed a few minutes ago finishing off "Toast" at long last, and I learned that there is, in fact, a "sweet, sparkling alcoholic beverage" called "Babycham." OH! Well, I'll be. Those unwashed bandmates were just makin' a little pun. You learn something every day. Even on Sunday.

Note: this post may seem irrelevant but is, in fact, remarkably relevant, as it deals with both food (Babycham) and with a band (Babyshambles) that includes a guy (Soccer Nut Petey) who dates a model (Kate Moss) who, currently, pretty much IS fashion among a certain set (i.e. anyone with taste).

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Blogger 5%C. said...

I get the connection. I also get the connection between oil and war, kevin bacon and alan alda, chocolate and wine, and baby cham and 5%Celery.


23 January, 2007 14:59  
Blogger MOLLY GRAY said...

you know i never heard any songs of the band :P
see ya!

27 January, 2007 14:53  

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