18 March 2007

Navy = New Black; Spring = New Winter

Entirely unasked-for statement of the day: I love pretty navy dresses for this spring. Still within the confines of the general dark-color trend, but spring-ready with their easiness and warm-weather skirt shape. My faves:

I LOVE this dress, which is a stretch jersey version of a corseted ballgown. Ingenious. It's light and swishy and much more casual in person than in the photo. Great color, and the skirt is a chic-er, updated version of last year's bubble. You could wear a little cropped jacket or whatever over it, or even a thin raggy jersey tee for daytime. I think maybe I'm just seduced by how comfortable it is. (I know because I'm wearing it--it's from a shop I do shoots for sometimes). Oh, and flattering, with my favorite princess seam.

This Plenty dress actually comes in navy too, but it's sold out online (perhaps because I, uh, took one as payment). It's ridiculously cute, comes from one of my favorite lady designers (Tracy Reese), and is the most versatile thing I've seen: it can be worn short or long, depending on how you pull the skirt, and thus is doable alone or over tights/leggings/what-have-you.

Next up: I have a whole South By Southwest style report in the works (black still rules in the un-subtle world of any New York-esque rock people), but first I have to go shower off the collected dust of 44 total in-car hours and 60 total SXSW hours.

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