23 March 2007

Rachel Bilson is Cute.

I See Stars In L.A.
Today I went out to the front of the store to check on a dress for a customer, and I noticed a petite girl trying on my very favorite things in the store: these incredibly gorgeous Buttero boots. I can't find a photo anywhere, but they're flat boots with a slim, wrinkled high top, made out of the softest finest leather you've ever seen & so delicate they practically don't have soles. Yeesh. I want I want I want. Anyway, so I see this girl wearing them and I can't help saying "Oh good, those are so beautiful!" She looks up and laughs, and it's the truly adorable Rachel Bilson/Summer Roberts from The OC. Shopping with a few friends and talking just like ole Summer herself. I always like her style when she's photographed in magazines, and the fact that she beelined for my fave boots confirms her excellent taste. Good going, little (very little) lady.
Later I picked up the coffee she'd left behind on a table, and thought to myself as I carried it to the trash, "If I were a different girl of a different mind, I could totally touch the cup rim and thus have only 2 degrees of separation from Seth Cohen's lips." Fortunately, I'm not that girl.

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