19 March 2007

The RR Report: SXSW Stylez

Though I took full advantage of the "river of free alcohol" (as heralded by Jax) flowing from dawn til dusk at South By Southwest, I managed to retain enough of my powers of observation (normally honed to Painfully Catty level) to notice style and lack thereof among the hordes overtaking Austin, TX this past week.

There's a good reason that, when Dan and I decided to imitate generic New York dance rock in gravelly accented voices, we sang "TIGHT PANTS DANCE DANCE!" There was nary a pair of bootcuts in sight, and both guys and girls wore equally ass-tight versions. Almost always black. Kate Moss would've been proud.

My personal style statement involved the free pair of Diesels I scored when the band played the Nylon/Diesel party. Higher-wasited, crisp and dark, really comfy, and FREE BITCHES! I know the sensible thing would be to eBay those babies, but my materialism is winning out on this one.

I don't have any illuminating comment for this one. Point is, band dude in all the latest trends for girls.

Despite the dubious value of skinny fucks in expensive black clothes, at least most SXSWers aren't nutball hippies wearing knitted animal ears in the hot sun.

Animal ears are only cool if they're real. Winky: most stylish SXSW attendee, bar none.

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Blogger Miss Trashe said...

aw thanks for the comment! I must say, I enjoy reading your posts so much. lol I even went back and remember the whole one about LC and her "inability to draw."

I'm so jealous of your lifestyle right now. College in PA is so off the record from everything that's going on. Oh, I wish I could just move to LA and just meet new people every time I go out. :)

21 March, 2007 13:15  

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