26 March 2007

Gap/Ferragamo: Double Vision

Has anyone else gotten confused when flipping past print ads for The Gap and then for Salvatore Ferragamo? I have, because both of them feature very simple shots of Carmen Kass* wearing neutral taupe- and cream-colored outfits against a golden tan background. Seriously--did she know that both these campagins were going to look like this? Shouldn't she have alerted at least one about the pre-existence of the other?

I'm not sure whether the resemblance is going to be detrimental for Ferragamo, beneficial for Gap, or negative for both of them because of the failure to identify uniquely. HMM--a matter that, surely, none of you care about. Oh, well.

> r r <

*In case there was any doubt, I think Carmen is one of the most gorgeous models out there. I couldn't find pictures of either of the ad campaigns, so I put up this great one of her playing chess. Brains are, like, beautiful.



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