27 August 2007

Everyone is Doing It

Happy Monday!

Wanna know why I'm so happy? I can't even begin to tell you...it couldn't be because I watched a three hour cheezoid movie about Charles Manson and then walked home at midnight by myself.

Nor could it be because I was a sex sandwich (and not in a good way) last night--as both people that live on either side of me were having loud, passionate sex whilst I sat and watched Law and Order reruns with my pooch.

It might be because I need focus to do a good job with work, and these days finding inspiration and conversation about food is easy to do.

Doesn't it seem like everyone cooks these days? I remember the old days when I was a sophisticate with my knowlege of haricot vert and squid ink pasta. Now I am a dime a dozen. Never fear, I rejoice in this new found love for good food--it can only mean fabulous things for me and my belly.

The book that will tell the tale:
The United States of Arugula

This website proves that it is hard to get visits without a few recipes:

The master at writing about it:
Michael Ruhlman

Someone who makes art with it:
Aya Brackett

Someone who cooks it:
.:tt:. (hey...how'd that get in there??)

These ladies LOVE food:
Food Porn (not for the faint of heart or the under-aged, this is REAL PORN. Seriously. Don't look if you don't like porn. I HAD to look. Research. I swear. Research.)

So sit back nation, it's time empty your bowls of plastic and polyester food--there's a revolution going on.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I misread "It's time to empty your bowls..." for "It's time to empty your bowels..."

Thought the blog had taken a sudden left turn.

15 October, 2007 05:13  

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