22 August 2007

Swede Chic on ShareMyLook


I stumbled on a photosharing website called ShareYourLook, which is a sort of predecessor to the kind of site I'm working on creating...anyway, my favorite posts so far are from the above-pictured girl in Sweden. I'm part Swedish and have a raging crush on the entire country (its fashion and architectural designs, its bands, its universal health care...), so our Miss "Beautifulones" here adds yet more fuel to my Svenska-ogling fire. Swedes are so cool. I've been to Stockholm once, and everyone there was light years ahead of hipsters & co. in the States. They're not all blonde, but mostly, and all have ridiculous bone structure and super cool Lee jeans (back then anyway, before they were here much), and impeccable style and black bicycles and long legs. I can tell this girl is tall like me, which makes me feel like when I someday move to Sweden and have a perfect life, I will fit in with the hordes, and all the other Swedish girls and I will live in overly-long-limbed glory.
Gosh, just look at her awesome clothes. They're not even from crazy designer stores. Just normal stores you can go to when you live in the best country ever, Sweden.

OMG, I totally own this. Same H&M suspender skirt and everything (PS--So does .:tt:.). If I go to Sweden, I can wear it and this girl and I will be BEST FRIENDS. Since obviously when I stalk her and tell her I found her on the internet and have the same outfit so I know we're destined to be together, she will totally see my point.

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Blogger JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This is so so funny! I love your sense of humor...oh but you are serious, aren't you?! ;)

I used to live in Norway and the same could be said of Norwegians - way cool!

Anyway, welcome to the Foodie Blogroll!

24 August, 2007 09:14  
Blogger Baby Jess said...

haha I love this post so much. Ps I have that suspender skirt too. Let's go to Sweden? :)

24 August, 2007 18:23  

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