24 October 2006

Top Chef

My creative director, Beau, suggested that I write about one of our favorite shows, Top Chef. Now I don’t want to name drop, but was culinary school bff with Dave from last season. We’ve stayed in touch and I knew he was going to be on the show last season—but I was surprised to find my other friends as obsessed as I was (and as keen on Dave as I am.) This season I also have a connection to the show. I cooked for Laura Ziskin (producer of Spider Man) and while she was on location in NYC she had a chef. The chef that was vying for my job was the lovely Suyai.

So I’ve decided to use my skills in the art of all things culinary and use my powerful ESP to opine, predict and rant. What’s new you say? This time I just might get you some inside information—but only if you are good and eat all of your broccoli.

The first show is the introductory show (I know, this is life changing information) so I took a unique (and by unique I mean predictable) approach and I decided to judge the characters based solely on their intros. As is often true, judgment isn’t as fun without a friend (he who judges alone is lonely and judgmental; he who judges with another is witty and neighborly) so I bring you my roommate—who may very well be as catty as I. Here is who we prdicted would be the first to go:

“Four star review guy” (aka Carlos)
“Street food lady” (aka Mia)
“Sports Bar guy” (aka Michael)

“Sports Bar guy” (aka Michael)
“Pastry Chef girl” (aka Marissa)
“Betty” (aka token Insane, Older lady)

So apparently our ability to judge a book by it’s cover is not as good as we once thought. Ultimately we were good predictors of who would be on the “chopping block”, though I was sad to see Suyai go--I thought she classed up the joint—what with that accent and all.

My prediction is that Sam is the new Harold; Marcel is the new Steven; Michael is the new Miguel; Betty is the new Cynthia; and (sorry for this) Elia could be the new Dave.

I think that Emily and Ilan are the two to watch, though I think that Mia and Betty will be good but inconsistent. I’ve already decided that Sam will win. The rest are there to create and entire season out of the show; inedible garnish if you will.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

sam will totally win. because, hello, he's the new harold (notice how harold chose his dish as the best? perf!).

also, suyai seemed nice enough, but i was glad to see her booted--stop with the self-effacing word vomit already! it was like she had an uncontrollable "i freaked out, let me tell you about it" tic. yeesh.

in conclusion, i am SO LIKE TOTALLY STOKED for this season. but i think i'm going to have to start watching it somewhere where i can then go eat a fantastic meal, because that show makes me effing ravenous.

<3 rachy rach

24 October, 2006 18:08  
Blogger 5%C. said...

I know somewhere that you can go and have a nice meal and sit with a nice girl and drink nice wine while having a completely civilized tounge-lashing fest. It's about 3 feet to the east of me--on a cushy velour (ugh) couch in my living room.

25 October, 2006 15:29  

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