22 October 2006


As I live and breathe, tequila has it in for me. It calls me by name. It bats its doe eyes at me, and with a rich caramel voice says, "Tehra, if you drink me all your woes will go away." And they do. Until tomorrow. Well, it's tomorrow and tequila has once again gotten the better of me. So as I haven't posted in awhile, I thought my first post in a few days would be one that might prove useful to a good lot of you--a tour of margaritas in Los Angeles. If you are reading this mom, I swear, this is spread out over time (no it's not). I didn't drink all of these margaritas in one night (yes I did).

As a side note my
exboyfriend had convinced me that margaritas shouldn't be neon green. His margarita is one part Patron Silver, one part lime juice, and one part Cointreau. He would shake it in a martini shaker and add sea salt and a little simple syrup for me. I now drink nuclear margaritas without a bat of an eye. It's called de-evolution folks. Darwin theory applied and tested.

Malo: Happy hour Mon-Fri 5-7 pm. Margaritas are cheap
and they help me choke down the beef and pickle tacos. Drunken factor: 2

Barragans: Happy hour Mon-Fri. Margaritas are TRES
cheap ($2.25 cheap) and I always seem to find my friends there. Drunken factor:
3 consumed.

El Conquistador: Happy Hour Mon-Thurs 4-7 (don't make
the mistake I made and go on a Friday). The margaritas are pretty expensive if
it isn't happy hour—but get this: Drunken factor: 1 consumed. You can drink one
and say very embarrassing things to a person you have a little crush on.

Avalon (the club not the hotel): Free if you travel VIP
like I roll. Drunken factor: As many as you want they're free, duh!

Avalon (the hotel not the club): Expensive but posh.
They'll make 'em like the ex for a fee. Drunken Factor: 1 consumed. This is
actually a bank account factor.

Chateau Marmont: You have to get someone to buy your drinks here—three
margaritas run you $50.00. Valet is $18.00. The outfit you have to wear to get
in will run you $600.00. Drunken factor: 2 consumed.

Go forth with this information and de-prosper.



Anonymous Mark said...

El Carmen doesn't rank? It holds a special place in my heart (liver) due to the fact that I can stumble home on foot from there. I can stumble to El Carmen from home as well, for that matter.

22 October, 2006 22:31  

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