18 November 2006

Blended Breakfast.

I had the best morning ever. Seriously. Like, this afternoon was like, totally horrible. I was in the library looking up definitions of fashion terminology like "shawl collar" and "paper-bag waist" and "armhole" for FIVE FREAKIN HOURS DUDES. But the morning made up for it ahead of time. (In part because Dieu and I went to the Mike & Chris sample sale and I got this:)

But also because it was farmers' market day, so I set my alarm for 8:30 WHOA and trotted down and picked up my fruit and veg for the week, including a gorgeous perfectly ripe persimmon. Persimmons, if you've never had one, are as delicious and blissful as a whole birthday cake in your mouth. When I got home, I pulled out the last of my fresh raspberries and put them in our old blender with the "$6" sticker on the lid.

Blended up with my fave Trader Joe's Lowfat Organic Plain Yogurt, it made a fantastic peachy-colored smoothie. The best possible start to the day (especially since the afternoon was SO BORING AND HARD and I ALMOST LOST MY DOCUMENT and the guy at the library CAN'T EVEN WORK HIS OWN COMPUTERS). I slurped it down on my way to Mike & Chris and it made me feel like this:

> r r <

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