02 February 2007

The Good and the Bad/Ugly

I always like to save the best for last, so let's start with the bad:

TORY BURCH SHOES. These go in the ankle-bootie category of "what crack, exactly, are mainstream trend-namers smoking that causes them to adore these so much?"
I've seen them hyped in myriad magazines, I've read the Vogue profile on Tory and her enormous success, and Tinsley Mortimer is even copying Tory's very marvelously inventive initials-as-logo concept in her new handbag line. Apparently, there is really no greater height to reach than sporting the giant double-T logo on your shoe.
However...today was the first chance I had to get face time with The Tory Flat: 2 girls in my merchandising class were wearing them, and even from across the room the glare off the gold bling was unmistakable. "Ooh!" I thought. "Now I can see what's really so great about these very expensive glorified ballet flats."

Answer: nothing. Nothing at all. The gold logo is so gigantic that it looks like a giant souvenier coin from a theme park that Tory glue-gunned to the shoe. It's hideous. Really, severely hideous--and, worst of all, simply unflattering to the foot. They're like jester shoes with pom-poms. Barf.

In better news, however, this weekend is the Vintage Fashion Expo!!!!!!!!!!!!omgomg!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1

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