29 January 2007

New Year's Resolutions--Er, Acquisitions

At the beginning of this month, I did a little online scrolling through my Bank of America account history, and decided that it was really time to tighten the purse strings. No big clothing purchases! I told myself. You don't need anything right now. Sample-sale scouring has left your closet bursting with things you've barely gotten a chance to take off the hanger yet. Really, Rachy, try to channel an Amish mentality. Just for a month.
When I made this sensible, forward-thinking resolution, however, I forgot one essential thing:
JANUARY IS SALE MONTH. Retailers have to sell off as much of their last year's merch as possible before the start of the fiscal year on Feb. 1. Jesus H. Way for me to pick the very most enticing month for a sale-lover to be all budget-conscious.

Well, I've tried. I didn't buy anything (though I did score a delectable pair of Sigerson Morrisons--thanks Mama).

But then came my downfall: the
Satine 90% off sale. NINETY PERCENT! That's seriously like almost equal to free. Almost. I finally caved, and picked up a rad knee-length egg-shaped wool skirt with a leather waistband and silk lining by Senada Theory*, as well as a perfectly cut Mayle tank with buttons down the scoop back (a chic alternative to the omnipresent Party Top).

*Senada Theory is a really cool up-n-coming Thai designer. I love when designers get really high-concept with their names or mission statements/mantras/whatever; it's so charming how important the Meaning Of It All is to them. In this case, the name refers to Senada's "Theory of Obscurity," which states that an artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration. Nice. Interesting, considering that this designer purposely uses materials from all over the world...whatevs, though, their stuff is purty.

I'm going to try the resolution again in February. I'll let you know when I break it.

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Blogger 5%C. said...

I know that I'm not the "fashion" writer--but I am quite fashion-inclined. If you clue me in on the sample sales, I'll fill your belly with chocolate and champagne.

We have the life. It's like there are no wars or starvation or bad hair products in our midst. We are lucky.


01 February, 2007 08:56  
Anonymous Bronwyn said...

Those shoes are super-beautiful. Also, please clue me in on the fashion sales, as well. Lord knows I don't need to spend any more money, but I always feel that I'm in need of new clothes (esp. for work).

01 February, 2007 16:56  

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