07 February 2007

Left Overs-Buttermilk

Chocolate and Zucchini gave me a great idea today. What to do with leftover so and so's from a recipe. For example, there is ALWAYS leftover buttermilk after making buttermilk pancakes. There are children starving in China, so it seems a shame to let food go to waste. (maybe you could hand deliver some extra pancakes perhaps?)

I have decided to create a column of clever ideas on what to do with the leftovers.

Today happens to be buttermilk.

I happen to have some leftover.

First, it must be said that you really don't have to buy buttermilk. You use a buttermilk

Next it should be acknowleged that there must be some sort of buttermilk conspiracy--what is with the size options? Is it really so that one can only buy 8 oz or 32 oz? Especially when most recipes call for 10 oz! This leads me to believe that the Bush's or the Lay's own buttermilk stock...

Next in doing my research I found that buttermilk is the new--well, the new milk!

Buttermilk Blog
Buttermilk Records
Buttermilk Bar
I learned to ski on Buttermilk Mountain

And maybe you want to know what buttermilk is precisely.

Okay, now to the good stuff. What to do with the leftovers. My favorite thus far is
Cleopatra's Milk Bath.

The instructions are easy and you can use both lait or a mixture of lait and lait au beurre. First draw a bath. Next pour two to four cups of the milk(s) in the bath. Soak. Drain. Sleep.

Sleep well in fact, knowing that you have circumvented a war--keep the competition out of buttermilk and live in a free, peaceful society. Buy 32oz and sleep in peace.


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