24 May 2007

Harry Potter Jelly Beans, A Taste Test

Alan waited for me to try most of them--but he just had to taste bacon and rotten egg. I knew bacon would be gross...but I had no idea rotten egg would be so literal. The taste of sulfer stayed around long after the egg ripened.

Moving on the dual taste test.

We started with black pepper. I knew this has possibility, but I wasn't expecting to down right LIKE it. It's fabulous!

Next we decided to try something gross and we moved on to booger. I expected sweet boogers and I got sweet boogers. It was a spit out.

Afterthat we tested soap. Soap tasted like rose soap. YUCK--but not too yuck. Quite sophisticated. I finished it.

Earwax came next. This was a surprise. We discussed the actual taste of earwax and determined that it is bitter. Earwax jellybeans however, taste like cardomon and vanilla. I think someone might have joked that it tasted like "earwax of an Arabic grandmother."

We tried dirt next. Dirt tastes like dirt. But god made dirt, so dirt dont hurt.

We had to take a breather--and after half an hour or so, we tried grass and then earthworm. Grass was fine, but secretly I was hoping it would taste like pot...you know "hey man you got some grassssss"--it didnt'... But that's a million dollar idea right there--POT JELLY BEANS.

Earthworm was WEIRD. It tasted like hybiscus tea. But Alan nearly lost it--and had to spit it out. Apparently the earthworm jelly bean doesn't taste like hybiscus tea, hybiscus tea tastes like earthworms.

And finally vomit. No really--I didn't vomit--I ate vomit. It reminded me of something...I couldn't quite put my finger on...

And then it came to me...



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Blogger leah and zulu said...

I have been curious about those things for a long time, but couldn't bring myslef to buy them. I'm glad that they are good representations.

btw, I agree, college does taste like vomit, in a big way.

25 May, 2007 07:58  

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