23 May 2007

"Hills" Fashion? Umm...

Did anyone else catch this headline news back on March 7?

MTV Networks and Lauren Conrad -- the star of MTV's popular series "The Hills" -- today announce the first-ever celebrity-inspired digital fashion line to be introduced in the Virtual Hills virtual world.

Yes, that's right, good ole LC designed a line of clothing. And it doesn't surprise me that it's a line for digital avatars--when the girl tries to design for real people, it's a train wreck. When she tried to do a line for Sienna Miller in my sketching class last fall, it was laughable. Come on, man, if you can't dress Miss Miller, who CAN you dress? Oh wait--I guess that's what happens when MTV pays a girl who never wanted to be a designer to change her major from business to fashion design. Silly me. Silly MTV. They're working it, though:

The introduction of Lauren's physical and virtual world fashion lines takes the concept of personal expression to new heights for a generation of viewers who take their online persona as seriously as their real-worldpresence. Reflecting the casual yet smart aesthetic of her real-worldattire, the virtual clothing line inspired by Lauren will make its debut in Virtual Hills (http://www.virtualhills.mtv.com), where fans will be able to buy clothes with in-world currency. As Lauren continues to design her real-world line, she will look for feedback from virtual world patrons to help tailor the styles that make their way to boutiques later this year, a benefit of her close relationshipwith fans in Virtual Hills.
Good luck, Lauren; from what I've seen, most of the feedback left by your faithful Virtual Hills fans consists of, "I lvoe the hills it is great i think stephen and his gf should get married. are you getting back with jason lauren?" No wonder we've heard nothing since March about her "in-world" (good lord) clothing line. Also, the problem with designing clothes that look like the clothes you already have is that you can't sell them to the stores where you bought the original ones in the first place. Damn!

Sorry, I'm getting distracted by idiocy. Onto the more recent news: not only can you dress your virtual Bev-Hills-crawling avatar in LC-inspired clothes... you can now do all your real-life shopping at MTV as well, with the SeenOn! MTV Store!!!!! They sell outfits inspired by episodes (example: the charming number at right.) So basically, you can now live THE MOST AWESOME LIFE EVER: watch "The Hills" on TV, hop online to reenact the episode in fake Beverly Hills with a fake character who you made hotter than you, plunk down some cash for fake clothes for fake-hot-you, and then, when your evil mom finally makes you leave the rec room and venture outside the house ("fresh air," your ass), you can do it WEARING TOTALLY FABULOUS CLOTHES JUST LIKE LC AND HEIDI AND WHOEVER ELSE, that you ALSO bought online WITH MOM'S MASTERCARD! Omg omg the hills ruuuuuuuulez!

*Note: Look how wrinkly LC is in the photo! She really is that wrinkly. Tanning kills, kids.

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Blogger Miss Trashe said...

what a ridiculous joke. i remember that post you made about her, i can't stand the laguna kids... esp since talan (i think it is) is dating the pussycat doll. haha.

so she's making fake online clothes for like the sims? lame.

24 May, 2007 19:37  

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