20 November 2006

Hiking Shoes, A Review

Who says Los Angeles isn’t a walking city? Sure, I drive to and fro—but it also happens that PARKING is a pain in the whoo whoo and thus I find that I’ve driven as far as I will walk to my destination. As this is not NYC and as I would be drawn and quartered for wearing comfortable shoes (as this is not a walking city…) I often find myself hiking a mile or so, uphill (snow of course not included).

So given this predicament I fancy myself an expert on hiking shoes.

The best shoes I’ve found are a pair of black Marc Jacobs’ pumps that I bought at a sample sale years ago—though my Monolo’s have kept up fairly well, the heel post has worn through rather easily.

The Charles David’s, the Sergio Rossi’s and the Miu Miu’s have failed miserably—rendering me out of the running as a foot model as they have left permanent scars on my otherwise best feature.

Thankfully flats and big purses are en vogue. I recommend wearing your best pair of Chuck Taylor’s and dump them in the bottom of your deep dish Balenciaga upon arrival. You’ll have plenty of time to change while waiting in line.




Blogger Dieu said...

not that I'm in any position to comment on the comfort level of m'nolo's or miumiu's, I agree that people do walk in la. in fact, walking in heels is an art. 3", sure, I can do that for hours in the right shoe. I'm proficient in the new calvin klein pumps at a 3.25" but 4"...well, I think it's time to support the service industry and reduce my disposable income.

22 November, 2006 10:39  

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